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Mike Zlotnik


1) Fund / Syndication setup and management coaching.


  • Fund / Syndication optimization for capital raising, marketability and effective management
  • Capital Raising
  • Deal Sourcing
  • Quarterly and Annual Fund / Syndication management best practices

2) Business and Investment Opportunity Review & Development coaching


  • Syndication/Fund offering documents review
  • Syndication/Fund negotiations and terms improvement
  • Business Opportunity evaluation and terms improvement
  • Business Development

3) Deal Architect


  • Deal Architecture strategy optimization
  • Capital Stack improvement
  • ROI Maximization analysis
  • Deal Life Cycle plan development and optimization

4) Private Review and Terms improvement on 3rd party deals


  • Review of potential deals (circulating PPMs / OMs by 3rd party sponsors / fund managers)
  • Review of Offering documents PPM / OM and due diligence materials
    • 90%+ will be screened out as not worthy
    • Up to 10% are worth further consideration and terms improvement negotiations
    • Terms Improvement negotiations with the Sponsor / Fund manager
  • Further due diligence to verify assumptions / pro-forma
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