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Using his keen understanding of successful real estate investing to help passive investors build well diversified portfolios for predictable Income and Growth as well as how to adjust the investment strategy in changing market conditions.


Currently CEO of TF Management Group LLC, Mike has been a real estate fund manager since 2009. Mike is a retired software executive who began investing in real estate in 2000. Today Mike manages a variety of real estate funds and syndications.

Mike is known in real estate circles as “Big Mike” due to his stature, but more importantly, he is known for his personal integrity and for having a keen understanding of the financial aspects of successful real estate investing.

Notably, Mike is a former political refugee from the USSR who is now an American citizen and a patriot. He lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife and four children. Mike holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Binghamton University and he is also a chess master. 

Mike is a member of multiple real estate and investor mastermind groups such as Collective Genius, Freedom Founders, CA Investors (Private). Mike is an author of the book called: “How to choose a smart Real Estate Investment Fund”, available on Amazon.com. He also has a Podcast “Big Mike Fund” that can be found at BigMikeFund.com or on iTunes.


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Mike has been a popular guest on numerous leading podcasts such as The Real Estate Syndication Show, Kahuna Wealth Builders, A Passion for Real Estate Investments, Multifamily Investing Academy Show, The Real Estate Investing Experience, Passive Accredited Investor Show, and Pillars of Wealth Creation Show, among others.

His insights and expertise have made him a sought-after contributor, often invited to return for multiple appearances. Mike’s ability to break down complex real estate concepts into actionable advice has resonated with a wide audience, making his episodes some of the most listened-to and highly recommended in the industry. 

His engaging and informative style not only educates but also inspires both novice and seasoned investors to achieve greater success in their real estate endeavors.


Joining us today is Mike Zlotnik, affectionately known as “Big Mike” in real estate circles, not only for his impressive presence but also for his outstanding integrity and sharp financial acumen in real estate investing.

Mike brings a wealth of knowledge about the current trends and investment opportunities in the real estate market, discerning quickly between what’s trending and what’s not.



Mike Zlotnik, known in the investing community as “Big Mike” for his profound expertise and significant influence in real estate investing, serves as the esteemed host of the Big Mike Fund Podcast.

With a background rich in experience and success in the realm of real estate investments, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to his listeners.

His approachable manner and deep understanding of investment strategies, market dynamics, and financial structures make him an invaluable guide for anyone looking to navigate the complex world of real estate investing.

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Explore popular episodes from the “Big Mike Fund” show, where Mike Zlotnik delves into the world of real estate investing. Featuring expert guests, the podcast covers strategies, market trends, and tips for both novice and seasoned investors. 

Whether you’re aiming to diversify your portfolio or deepen your understanding of the real estate market, Mike Zlotnik’s podcast provides valuable insights to help you navigate and succeed in this competitive field.

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Selected Comments About Our Podcast

Special Report by Mike Zlotnik:

"Ten things you need to know before you invest in a real estate fund."

Mike Zlotnik Answers These Questions In This Special Report:
  1. Is real estate investing safe?
  2. What is the expected return?
  3. How am I paid for my investment?
  4. What are my tax consequences?
  5. How liquid is my investment?
  6. What are the fees?
  7. What is the fund manager’s experience?
  8. How does the manager determine which assets to invest in?
  9. What’s the difference between open-ended and close-ended funds?
  10. What are the pros & cons of investing into a fund vs. individual deal?



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