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Tempo Growth Fund
Invest in Tempo Growth Fund LLC.
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Invest in Tempo Opportunity Fund LLC.
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Business Coaching by Big Mike

Mike Zlotnik

Mike Zlotnik, CEO
TF Management Group LLC

Available Services:

  1. Fund / Syndication setup and management coaching.
  2. Business and Investment Opportunity Review & Development coaching
  3. Deal Architect
  4. Private Review and Terms improvement on 3rd party deals

About Mike Zlotnik

Currently CEO of TF Management Group LLC, Mike has been a real estate fund manager since 2009.

Mike is a retired software executive who began investing in real estate in 2000.

Today Mike manages a variety of funds, including the Tempo Growth Fund LLC and the Tempo Opportunity Fund LLC.

Mike is known in real estate circles as “Big Mike” due to his stature, but more
importantly, he is known for his personal integrity and for having a keen understanding of the financial aspects of successful real estate investing.

Notably, Mike is a former political refugee from the USSR who is now an American citizen and a patriot. He lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife and four children.

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